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2018 Black Friday Sale. We Get a REALLY Early Start!

Since everyone seems to be starting Black Friday 2017 early we thought we’d beat everyone to the punch with the first Black Friday 2018 sale!
Actually we do think that the early and super early sales are pretty silly. Also I don’t think the venerable and ancient celebrants would approve much of the commercialization of the celebrations in their name..
On the other hand AERO needs to make up a projected deficit of about $30,000 this fiscal year. So we do have a bunch of things for our 2018 Black Friday Sale. Some are silly, some are unique, and some are just great buys for Christmas 2018 or 2019!
Sale items you’ll see nowhere else:
Used 25-year-old Prodigy T shirt: Best offer!
This was awarded to Jerry when he was once Prodigy member of the month. Does Prodigy still exist?
1905 Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw: Best offer
Actually this unique item has some serious value and it’s in good shape for a 112 year old book! It was donated to AERO
AERO print archive Education Revolution Magazine, 1989-2011: Best offer. There are only a handful of these left. We offer one or two a year, and when they are gone you’ll only have digital copies.
Original large tie died shirt hand made at The Farm in Summertown, TN. These are very collectable. Best offer.
Free 15 minute consultation by AERO staff. Just reply to this e mail. 
To bid on any of the above just send an e mail  with your offer to us at or reply to this e mail.
Use the following coupon at checkout to get 25% off all items in the AERO bookstore: aerobf2018 If it comes to more than $20 you also get AERO membership and over $40, a signed copy of Jerry Mintz’ new book, School’s Over in addition. 
The paintings of William Mintz
 I think many of you grow the tragic story behind this. If not you can read about it here. We won’t sell the prints but we will give them to you as thanks for a donation to AERO. This year we are also offering prints on canvas.
School Starters Consultation Course, $249
This is one of most popular items and it is only offered for a brief time at this price. Schools and programs such as homeschool resource centers around the world have been started with AERO’s help. These include Brooklyn Free School, Pono Learning Center, Manhattan Free School, now Agile Learning Center, Mosaic Agile Learning Center, A Place to Grow, and more than 100 others. The full course is only offered once a year, in September, for over $1000. If you get the Consultation Course now you can audit the course and have full access to the resources. You can ask direct question to Jerry Mintz and Chris Mercogliano, who teach the course, and the price can be applied to next year’s course.
You can register for the course here.
Any donation over $20 or bookstore purchase over $25 will also get a free AERO membership. Any donation or book purchases over $40 will get an AERO membership plus a signed copy of Jerry’s new book, School’s Over.
(Just kidding! We’ll send right away)