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The Learning Cooperatives Have Apprenticeships Available

One of the significant challenges for Liberated Learners in realizing its vision of making the North Star model of learning an option in every community is finding qualified people to create and staff the programs.  To this end, Liberated Learners offers a year-long apprenticeship program to support people to learn the skills and ideas necessary to create and/or work successfully in self-directed learning programs.

Program Highlights:

  • Room and board may be provided by the host program.
  • The host program may provide a small monthly cash stipend.
  • Apprentices have the opportunity to visit and study other programs throughout the year.
  • A two month and four month formal review will take place with each party retaining the right to end the apprenticeship at that time with no further obligation from either side.
  • Each apprentice works closely with the staff of an established center in all aspects of running the program, including planning in the summer and closing out the year. The main program responsibilities include: teaching classes, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring members, working to build and maintain an engaged community of members and staff, running family meetings, organizing field trips, participating in staff meetings, and working with prospective young people and their families.

Prospective applicants

To be considered as a candidate for apprenticeship, an applicant must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A U.S. citizen or have legal status to work in the United States

Successful applicants do not have to be high school or college graduates; no particular educational qualifications are required.


Applications are accepted at any point during the year. Please submit all completed application materials to

You can learn more here.

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The Birch School Seeks Teacher/Learning Coach Full or Part Time

TBD / Hourly or Salary depending on position
START DATE2019-08-16
LOCATIONRock Tavern, NY 12575
JOB INFORMATIONThe Birch School is a mixed-age learning community of students ages 6 – 17.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and creative person to fill the role of Teacher/Learning Coach for the 2019-2020 school year.Teachers at Birch collaborate with other teachers, work with students individually and in groups, and are constantly working to meet the learning needs of students.
Birch embraces Project-based learning, multi-disciplinary explorations, student-centered learning, and community involvement.The position would be responsible for a group of 6 – 12 students, mixed ages. Most learning areas/subjects are the responsibility of this person, with some shared teaching as part of the schedule.Ideally this person would have experience with students who have learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, giftedness, and be positive and creative in meeting different students’ different needs.We are seeking someone special: We are looking for someone who would like to experiment with the newest ideas about teaching and learning. We are looking for someone who wants to work in a collegial setting where the school community, students and staff, meet regularly in a consensus group process circle to solve problems and plan. We are looking for someone for whom connection with nature and kindly interaction with their community are as important as any other aspect of school.We are looking for someone for whom these values are so important that they are willing to forego the lucrative public-school teacher compensation, and consider joining our small, sometimes struggling team in this collaborative adventure called The Birch School. Our five-member teaching team works with three dozen students to achieve self-directed, project based learning in a collaborative, friendly atmosphere, where kindness, generosity and emotional well-being are central values.If you are afraid that the standardized public school environment may not work for you-If you are concerned with the contradictions of State Ed policy and testing-If you have learned new ideas about teaching and learning that YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PURSUE within the public school schedule, scope and sequence-If you would like to try out new ideas with the encouragement and supervision of an energetic Director who is at the forefront of new ideas in education, and alongside colleagues who are engaged using those ideas to create projects and experiences for their students in classes of 7 to 12 students. Application link: