Radio Shows

For several years Jerry Mintz hosted radio shows on two networks, going to as many as 70 radio stations. Jerry was fortunate to be able to interview many important leaders in our field, such as John Gatto, Mary Leue, Arnie Langberg, Zoe Readhead of Summerhill, and many other people working in the grassroots of the movement. It was a live call-n show. Some of the shows were on location. For example, Jerry was in Denver the day of the Columbine massacre and was able to interview key people about it. Wylie has started editing some of these shows. We’ll post a few for you now. If you like them and express interest we’ll put up more. Today we are presenting to you the ones that were made about Columbine, including an interview with Arnie Langberg, founder of one of the most important public alternatives in the country, located in the same district as Columbine.

Columbine Pt 1

Columbine Pt 2 w/ Arnie Lamberg

Columbine Pt 3

Columbine Pt 4