General Consultation Program


Everyday AERO meets new people around the world who are trying to learn more about education alternatives for their families or themselves. Individualized consultations are available from the AERO team (via phone or Skype from our office outside New York City) as well as from the network of local AERO representatives across the USA and around the world to help with a variety of needs.


Consultations are arranged for the following reasons:

  • Parents looking for an educational alternative for their child.
  • Teachers looking for an educational alternative in which to teach.
  • Groups or individuals wanting help in starting a new educational alternative. (If you would like extended help in this area including resources from our online course, check out our School Starter's Consultation Program).
  • Schools wishing to convert to a more learner-centered approach.
  • Students looking for a public, private or higher education alternative.
  • Parents wanting to start home educating.
  • Parents who are moving or looking for a boarding alternative.

The basic phone consultation rate is $100 for up to an hour.

In person consultations or speaking events can be arranged by contacting the AERO office at (516) 621 2195.

Other arrangements can be made to accommodate individual situations.

To arrange a phone consultation, add this to your cart and checkout. We'll be in touch shortly via email to arrange a good time to talk. If you'd like to arrange for more than 1 hour or would like an in-person consultation, please write to or call (516) 621 2195.


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