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A favorite site worldwide for homeschoolers. Homeschooling mother Ann Zeise links into essays from all sorts of people on all sorts of homeschooling topics, thus providing you with real content from all over the Internet.


Clonlara School, founded in 1967 by Pat and Jim Montgomery, is an independent, innovative school headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Clonlara School, Home Based Education Program, an extension of Clonlara School, was started in 1979 and serves families in ten countries.

Enki Education

Enki Education is a unique and innovative approach to holistic education, for both the classroom and homeschool. We offer a multicultural, arts integrated education for the children, as well as conferences, discussion groups, and training programs for parents and teachers. Enki is an independent program that weaves together many rich and diverse elements, nurturing the integration of body, heart, and mind. This is key to cultivating educational excellence, confidence, and competence.

First College (UK)

Online high school UK 11-17yrs. LIVE CLASSES ONLINE. Small sized, personal approach, class limit 15 students. IGCSE exams or non-exam studies. Curriculum a mix of FUN and classical learning points, with parents' advice welcomed. Parents as working partners as far as they wish. Very experienced teachers' & home educators' co-operative, family learning community online, personal contact, summer camps etc.

Freedom-in-Education Newsletter (UK)

A Waldorf-influenced unschooling family's site with a special section, Jamboree, for Teens.

Global Student Network

Finally, a virtual curriculum that's ideal for the homeschool student and family. This cyber school was developed by a leading public school district to National Content Standards and is delivered entirely over the internet. It was recently awarded "Technology of the Year" by Ohio Dept of Ed. Sixty-eight (68) courses for grades 3-12. When you're looking for a complete, affordable, and comprehensive on-line homebased education solution, please consider us our high quality homeschool curriculum.

Global Village School

Global Village School offers aprogressive, accredited, customizable K-12 homeschooling programfeaturing online and text-based curriculum complete withindividualized teacher services. Our high school homeschool diploma coursesintegrate peace, justice, and diversity studies with the core subjectswhile our K-8 curriculum guides combinesa student-centered approach (creative, flexible, holistic, andexperiential, with a learning styles focus) with an emphasis onprogressive, Earth charter based values.

Global Village School recognizes students as individualswith unique needs, interests, and learning styles. We work to adapt ourhomeschool curriculum to our students, rather than forcing students toadapt to the curriculum. We empower our students to pursue their futuregoals in a way that enables them to prepare for college while buildingon their strengths and talents and staying true to who they are. Wenurture and protect the passion and enthusiasm for creating a betterworld inherent in so many young people. We help our students leadauthentic and meaningful lives, and prepare them to leave schoolfeeling confident in their abilities to make an impact on the worldaround them. Global Village School is international; we welcome students from around the globe.

Growing Without Schooling/Holt Associates, Inc.

Growing Without Schooling features the work of John C. Holt collected in one place. Holt was the former teacher who coined the term "unschooling" and wrote extensively on "learning that does not look like school learning, and learning that does not have to take place at home."

Harmony Home Educators

Harmony Home Educators is a non-profit ministry established in 1988 to provide information, support, and training to the home education community throughout our local area. Among its most important goals is the work HARMONY HOME EDUCATORS does to foster an accurate and favorable image of home education to the general public and the community, cooperating with other home education organizations in pursuing common goals.

Holistic Moms Network

Holistic Moms Network is a national non-profit organization connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living

Home Education UK

It is a basic understanding of this website that children are autonomous beings and are not owned by parents. Since parents decided to bring their children into the world, without consultation the relationship between parents and children is asymmetric in that parents have obligations to their children which children do not have towards their parents.

Home Educators Resource Directory

This is fabulous, user friendly site filled with worldwide comprehensive resources for the home educator.

Home Life Academy

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, HomeLifeAcademy offers parents the freedom to choose their own books and custom design a learner-centered educational plan to meet the interests and needs of each individual student. From Kindergarten to graduation, HLA provides record keeping, transcript, counseling, resource links, college placement and more, allowing parents to do what they do best, lead their children into a life-long love for learning! For only $50 dollars a year you will have access to instant online registration, grade reporting, portfolios, and more.

Homeschool CPA

A web site specifically designed to help homeschool organizations start and run their groups and obtain nonprofit status. As homeschooling grows, so do homeschool organizations such as support groups, co-ops, music and sports groups. Your group may need advice on leadership, policies, or finances. You may even be considering the advantages of nonprofit incorporation or tax exempt status with the IRS.

Home School NYC

This website is a resource for parents, teachers, home educators, and anyone who cares about the education of our children.

Home Schooling Parent

A bi-monthly magazine that encourages readers through interest stories, curriculum and teaching tools that can be used in the home-classroom, family matters, educational travel, camps, colleges and universities, long distance learning… and much more!

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Plain and simple, a fantastic resource for home-schooling families. Updated regularly, this is a good page to keep bookmarked.

Keystone National High School

Keystone National High School is the leading provider of accredited distance learning programs for high school students. This year (2003-2004) alone we will serve over 20,000 students. Since our first courses were introduced in 1974, we have enriched the lives of more than 185,000 students who have enrolled in our high quality educational programs.Laurel Springs School

An international K-12 school offering independent study and distance learning. From elementary to high school, Laurel Springs provides computerized instructions through its online learning program and curriculum, in which homeschooling is achieved via the Internet.

Learn in Freedom

This site is about learning in freedom, taking responsibility for your own learning. It shows you how to use your own initiative in learning, so you can use schools and teachers just when they are helpful to you, and voluntarily chosen by you.

Life is Good Northwest Unschooling Conference

An unschooling conference for unschoolers and their families in the northwest United States region.

Life Learning Magazine

Life Learning magazine is an intelligent, high quality, professionally edited and produced magazine written by and for unschooling families who trust themselves and their children to learn freely and naturally what they need to know to live successful, happy lives.

Long Islanders Growing at Home Together (LIGHT)

Whether you have always thought you would homeschool or you were thrown into it with little other choice or anywhere in between – this is a place for us to meet, greet and support one another. Although the primary goal is Long Island Homeschool and Home Education, there might be some areas of national interest and some off topic articles for discussion. This board is provided as an opportunity for the homeschoolers of Long Island to use as a venue in sustaining their community – a gathering around a common goal.

Montreal Homeschoolers

A place for Montreal homeschooling families to find each other, share information and offer support, make plans and discuss our homeschooling adventures… French and English, kids and babies of all ages, all styles of homeschooling.

New York Home Educators' Networ

Supporting unschooling teens and their families since 1995. North Star is a resource center open 5 days a week and has helped hundreds of teenagers make the transition from schooling to unschooling. North Star provides services for families and activities for teens which help make teen unschooling a practical choice for any interested family. Former North Star members can be found at Ivy League colleges, running successful businesses, traveling the world, and involved in a variety of other meaningful pursuits.

North Star Center

Not Back to School Camp

Led by Grace Llewellyn, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook, here is an incredible week-long camp especially for unschoolers.

Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow publishes homeschool curriculum materials and has an accredited distance education school. For over 30 years, Oak Meadow has created independent learning materials for families around the world. Through experience, Oak Meadow will provide a firm foundation for academic excellence, while offering new opportunities for learning. These proven principles of learning have helped thousands of students learn successfully, and this tradition of excellence has been recognized by major accrediting agencies. Whether you need online or printed materials, with or without enrollment and teacher support, Oak Meadow courses accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and cooperate with natural development processes to maximize your child's innate intelligence.

Open Connections

Open Connections is a non-profit organization that has created The Open Connection Village, a resource center for open education in suburban Philadelphia, PA. Over 100 families with unschoolers/homeschoolers/self-directed learners from age four through high school are involved in a wide range of programs based on interests, age, learning styles, and personal goals.

Organización Familia Escolar

Serving hispanic homeschooling families in South America and other places. Offering information, articles on home education, links to support networks, answers to all your questions by email, a MANUAL and other resources for parents who wish to homeschool their children. Founded in 2003 by Mrs. Kathleen McCurdy, after many years of experience homeschooling her children and grandchildren, and more than 25 years helping
homeschooling families in the USA with legislative, legal and academic measurement.

Primary Home Education UK

We provide curriculum materials in English, Maths and Science for children of primary school age, i.e. age 4 to 11 and follow the National Curriculum in England and Wales. Courses are tutor supported and can be used in the UK and worldwide.

Room 613

This is an online learning program, dedicated to helping Jewish children and their families create a personal and lasting connection with their Torah study. Our goal is to bring together Jewish homeschoolers and other motivated learners worldwide, and to engage them deeply in Judaic studies using the most child-friendly pedagogical techniques. Our live and highly interactive classes are conducted in a state-of-the-art virtual classroom, without the pressure of grades, tests, or homework. Kids love learning with us! Membership is always free.

The Sanctuary School

Our online school offers courses for children, teens and adults based on earth partnership, kindness, respect for all life, and creative intelligence.

San Francisco Backyard Neighborhood and Learning Center

We are trying to help single-parent and two-income families be able to homeschool, by creating a place where homeschooling childcare co-ops can meet regularly, rain or shine, and share resources. This will also be a place where families can live and share their unfenced backyards and other resources with each other. After establishing such a place in San Francisco, we intend to help other groups create similar places in other neighborhoods.

Sassafrass Grove Homeschooling

This excellent directory of homeschool resources covers a wide range of topics such as ADD/ADHD, BBs/Discussion Forums/Support, Curriculum topics, Homeschoolers' Homepages/WEB RINGS, Homeschooling Magazines and Newsletters, Lesson Plans, Laws and Requirements, and much more!

Seeds of Learning

Located in Renton, Washington, Seeds of Learning is an educational program in a comfortable environment for children ages four through thirteen who seek supplemental learning in the disciplines of language arts, math, science, foreign languages, reading, music, dance, and art. The school was founded by Joyce Svitak, a mother and professional who saw the need for a fun, personalized, comprehensive approach to education. Joyce believes in going beyond the "3 Rs" of traditional education, and imparting knowledge and skills that children can use in the real world.

White Clay Learning Center

A certified, nonprofit school, loctated in West Grove, PA. We offer a fully certified educational curriculum (k-8) which reflects and supports the homeschool phiosophy.

Village Home Education Resource Center

Village Home is a dynamic, choice-based learning community creatively integrating family, education and real life to empower learners of all ages. The vision of Village Home is to be a community model for family centered, home-based education that inspires and supports self-directed, lifelong learning.

These definitions of homeschooling and unschooling come from the Almanac of Education Choices

Homeschooling, or Home-Based Education: educating one’s self or one’s children at home. This can be done independently (see unschooling), through an "umbrella" curriculum (similar to a correspondence course), in consultation with the school system, or by hiring tutors and mentors. Often, a local group of homeschoolers will form a "homeschool resource center," which may then offer classes, field trips, support groups, legal advice and more.

Unschooling: home-based education that is completely self-directed; often involving internships, volunteer work, and other direct participation in the greater community.

AERO is a leader in helping families begin homeschooling and unschooling, assisting with everything from legal issues to homeschooling approaches to curricula. You can arrange a consultation with AERO Director Jerry Mintz for help with any of your questions.

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