School Starter’s Consultation Program

$500.00 $300.00

One of the most important services that AERO offers is to help people start educational alternatives. We have many resources for School Starters including our online course for School Starters which runs from October through January. However we are constantly contacted by people who want to start new alternatives throughout the year so our consultation program should be useful for School Starters from January though September.

AERO has spent almost 30 years developing a global network of people and organizations that support learner-centered education. Participants in the School Starter’s Consultation Program will get access to the School Starter Course website and all of its resources (see below). Enrollees can also have individual consultations from AERO staff members on issues related to community organizing, communicating about local educational alternatives, and navigating the legal landscape regarding educational alternatives, whether in Moscow, Minnesota, or Miami.



This Program is now available until September 2017. The $300 fee is applicable toward the fall class if you wish.

  • Participants in this School Starter's consultation program will have access to the readings, videos, and links of the School Starter's online course. AERO's School Starter's online course, which usually runs October through January, is an excellent way for new school starters to delve deep into the history, philosophy, and practice of various philosophies of learner-centered education with a group of school-starting peers. The online course helps School Starters develop achievable visions of learner-centered educational alternatives in their own communities. AERO has helped start over 50 schools or homeschooling resource centers around the world.
  • Participants join AERO's listserve for new school starters and mentors. This listserve is a great way to communicate easily and directly with people around the world who are working or supporting educational alternatives in their own communities. It is an excellent resource for new School Starters.
  • Each participant will receive a copy of Turning Points, How to Start a School, and No Homework and Recess All Day. These books have been foundational resources for many AERO School Starters and provide both practical and moral support to their readers.
  • Each participant will receive up to five private consultations with local AERO representatives and the AERO team in New York.