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A Year at Mission Hill

What goes into creating a powerful learning environment for children and adults? Meet the teachers, families and children of Mission Hill as they experience the highs and lows of a year of self-discovery, exploration, and frustration. And join us for a national conversation about the state of public education as it is – and as it ought to be.

Ten videos. One year. A public school trying to help children learn and grow. The national conversation we need to be having.

Part 1/10, "Why we're here" – Watch it below:

Part 2/10, "Beginning the Year" – Watch it below:

Part 3/10, "Making it Real" – Watch it below:

Part 4/10, "Love and Limits" – Watch it below:

Part 5/10, "The Eye of the Dragon" – Watch it below:

Part 6/10, "Just Like a Family" – Watch it below:

Part 7/10, "Behind the Scenes" – Watch it below:

Part 8/10, "The World of Work" – Watch it below:

Part 9/10, "Seeing the Learning" – Watch it below: 

Part 10/10, "The Freedom to Teach" – Watch it below:

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Join AERO at IDEC!

IDEC 2013 is a unique international gathering of changemakers—practitioners, organizers, academics, youth, and educators—built around transforming communities, schools and learning. The experience will include a rich blend of scheduled events and the fluidity needed to host conversations, workshops and strategy sessions using a hybrid of Open Space Technology. If you're connected to AERO and educational alternatives, IDEC is a conference for you!

AERO has been intimately involved in the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) throughout its twenty-one year history. Director Jerry Mintz participated in the very first conference in Hadera, Israel back in 1993 and has been instrumental in its development since that time.  In 2003, AERO hosted IDEC in Troy, NY which had over 600 participants from 25 countries around the world. Inspired by the conversations and workshops taking place that year, we created the first ever AERO conference which was hosted the next year in 2004 and after ten years is still running strong!  This year's IDEC, while not organized by AERO, involves many familiar faces. Our former conference director (and current new media coordinator), Isaac Graves is on the core organizing committee, while many AERO member schools, organizations, and individuals will be participating.  Jerry Mintz will be offering multiple workshops and AERO will bring its famous alternative education bookstore to the event! It is through our close relationship that we cordially invite you to join us this August, 4-8 in Boulder, Colorado. We have arranged special registration options for AERO members and readers:

  • AERO Members & Readers will receive a 10% discount on registration fees. Just write "AERO" on the registration form where it asks how you heard about the conference.
  • All nonmembers who register for IDEC will receive a complimentary six-month membership to AERO. Just write "AERO" on the registration form where it asks how you heard about the conference.

Find out more about IDEC 2013, speakers, and their program at: IDEC wants to make sure everyone who wants to attend IDEC can. They offer group rates and financial aid to those in need. Just write them at to find out more. We hope to see you there! This will be the best option to meet your fellow AERO members and alternative educators before next year!