AERO Museum

Welcome to our online museum gallery. In the coming months we will consistently be adding pages to this museum as well as making it more visually appealing. If you have any suggestions or additions please send them to Here you will find pages dedicated to the artifacts AERO has collected related to alternative education philosophy and practice, as well as art work from alternative education schools around the world. Do you have an artifact or art work that you would like to have included in the AERO Museum? Send us an email at . Enjoy!



Bill Mintz Gallery

The Paintings of Jerry's Brother Bill Mintz

Ivan Illich Letter

A short but sweet letter from the Austrian Philosopher, and author of Deschooling Society

Stork Family School – Bird of Happiness

A wonderful traditional Ukrainian craft sent to AERO from the Stork Family School. The first private family school in the Ukraine.

Emma Goldman Letter

This is a letter sent to our friends at The Modern School from renowned activist, writer, and anarchist Emma Goldman regarding a request for translation.

AS Neill – Dominie's Log

This first edition of A.S. Neill's account of his first year as head teacher at Gretna Green Village School was signed by Neill himself in 1939.

Stuart Grauer Letter

Illustrating the importance of perseverance, Stuart sent us this accreditation rejection letter for now renowned Grauer School.