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Workspace Education Tours Available in CT

If you could start from scratch to design the ultimate way to educate our kids, what would it look like? This question was the spark that ignited the concept of Workspace Education. With robust educational experience and training, Workspace Education founder, Catherine Fraise, has created a model for child-centric K-12 education that blends the very best of the most innovative educational paradigms.

At Workspace, foundational literacies are developed through custom curriculums that acknowledge every child’s learning style—paced swiftly when a child feels momentum and slowed when a child is stuck. Days are rich with the benefits of variety and community—sustaining energy levels, feeding active minds, and fostering positive thinking. Kids toggle among STEM activities, Socratic dialogs, and the fine and performing arts. Free time inspires group inventions and spontaneous quests. And, exciting projects that integrate disciplines within the context of collaboration bring the foundational literacies to life and serve to lock in acquired skills in meaningful ways.

I also implore you to check out our website for more information

We are located in Bethel, CT. Open invitation for a tour as it’s best to experience in person!

Any questions?! Looking forward to meeting you in August!