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The 11th annual AERO School Starter’s Course will start on September 26th, 2016.  AERO has helped start at least 85 schools that we know of, but there are many more out there! You can see a map a listing of over 70 of them here.

College Credit Also Available

This year we again have the option of getting transferable graduate credit! Of course for many people this has not been an issue;the bottom line is that they wanted help to start their school. But for some people is could make a difference, for a variety of reasons. It can enable more funding. It can bestow more credibility for some people in their communities. The credit is given by the highly esteemed Antioch University New England Graduate School of Keene, New Hampshire.

Click Here To Register For Credit (Coming 9/7 – Webmaster)

Be An Alternative To Common Core

At a time when the U.S. education system is failing under the burden of the ill-conceived No Child Left Behind program and Common Core, it is crucial that we create alternative school models, all across the country and around the world. AERO has decided to pour more of its energy into supporting the creation of a spectrum of new learner-centered alternative schools including home school resource centers. Join us in this campaign and start your own school! There is no better time than now!

Don't Dream It, Build It

The goal of our fifteen week school starters' course is to help educators assess the feasibility and find the resources required to turn the dream of a school into a sustainable and nurturing educational environment. The course will prepare students to undertake the planning necessary to open a learner-centered school. We procede at a pace that is comfortable for the group. It is almost entirely on a designated website that we will give you access to, so is not in real time. You access it when you can and post when you can, within each section that we open up. 

The course is designed to address practical as well as philosophical issues pertinent to the process. This includes clarifying the educational vision, building a suitable educational model, mastering the governance techniques, fundraising, legal set up and student and staff recruitment.

Course By Unit

Unit 1: Different types of democratic schools and governance

Unit 2: Clarifying educational vision

Unit 3: Different kinds of governance

Unit 4: Building a community around the idea of starting a school

Unit 5: Legal requirements of a school

Unit 6: Finding or building a school environment

Unit 7: Financial basis of the school, including fundraising, budgeting and insurance issues

Unit 8: Recruiting teachers and students

Unit 9: The first days of school

Unit 10: Recap and Action Plan

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