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Sir Ken Robinson Talk Endorses AERO!

Hardly anyone has seen this new short talk by Sir Ken Robinson. He made it specifically to welcome people from democratic schools around the world to the recent International Democratic Education Conference in Israel. 

In the talk he specifically says "I am a great admirer of the democratic school movement…and also Education Cities…and I'm a great supporter of AERO and its global network.

He then goes on to clearly summarize what he thinks education should look like in the future as it relates to the models offered by IDEC and AERO schools and organizations. Among other points he said "We need to look at the alternatives. The alternatives work. The great challenge for the alternative and democratic school movement is to take these alternatives from the fringe to the mainstream! When we do that we'll find we don't need alternatives because we will have implemented principles that actually work!

The AERO Conference was a spinoff of the IDEC which we hosted in Troy, NY in 2003. This will be our 14th AERO conference!

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