I Want To Do This All Day


Redefining Learning & Reinventing Education

An Audio Documentary by Amber Woods & Amina Baird


2-Disc Audio CD Set

In March and April of 2006, documentarians Amber Woods & Amina Baird visited 23 free schools, community centers, after school programs, summer camps, skill shares, charter schools and private schools. They interviewed students, parents and teachers about their experiences with creating and sustaining radical learning spaces. They define this as non-compulsory, non-coercive physical spaces set up for various types of learning and projects.

This documentary outlines a history of both conventional and radical education, explores peoples' definitions of learning, highlights some interesting spaces as examples, identifies major themes common between spaces, and addresses the role of these spaces in the wider movement for social change.

As people inspired by various philosophies of radical education, we have related a project aimed at exploring the deschooling/radical education movement in the United States. Through conversations, interviews, field recording and other audio documentation we hope to illustrate this movement, and its overlapping, multi-faceted ideologies and manifestations, using living examples from a variety of progressive, alternative, radical, and free learning spaces. We hope to form this research into a cohesive, informative, creative, and accessible radio program for alternative/community/public radio with the following goals:

  • To support and legitimize the radical schooling movement.
  • To create a resource and connection for people involved in this movement.
  • To increase discourse a sense of cohesive community movement.
  • To explore and compare how involvement in various types of learning and education has affected peoples lives.2) To inform a larger audience of the existing trends in radical schooling and show the potential for growth in this community movement (including a call to action).
  • To show the many interpretations of deschooling and inspire new interpretations.
  • To find the best examples of people holistically celebrating life and learning.3) To investigate for our own future benefit, and the benefit of listeners and educators/deschoolers, what approaches to radical education (techniques, infrastructures, curriculums, and degree of structure (or lack thereof)) seem successful or unsuccessful.

List of Schools Visited

  • The New School in Newark, Delaware
  • Upattina's School in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
  • The Brooklyn Free School in Brooklyn, New York
  • The MET Center in Providence, Rhode Island
  • The Free School in Albany, New York
  • Dane County Transition School in Madison, Wisconsin
  • The Zoo School in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • The Missoula Free Skool in Missoula, Montana
  • The Purple Thistle Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • The Windsor House in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Puget Sound Community School in Seattle, Washington
  • Clearwater School in Seattle, Washington
  • The Olympia Community Free School in Olympia, Washington
  • The Village Free School in Portland, Oregon
  • Trillium Charter School in Portland, Oregon
  • Not Back to School Camp in Eugene, Oregon
  • The Santa Cruz Free Skool in Santa Cruz, California
  • The Berkeley Free Skool in Berkeley, California
  • Making Changes Freedom Center in San Pablo, California
  • Oak Grove School in Ojai, California
  • Paulo Freire Freedom School in Tucson, Arizona
  • The Living School in Boulder, Colorado
  • Harmony School in Bloomington, Indiana

More information can be found on www.DoThisAllDay.org


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