Butterflies Program Documentary


A Documentary by Jerry Mintz


AERO Exclusive Video!

This video, taken in December 2004 by AERO staff, offers a rare look at an inspiring program working with homeless street and working children in New Delhi, India.

A similar program by The Concerned for Working Children has gotten them nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.


Butterflies has four shelters and 12 contact points offering education programs for the kids, and it is accredited by the government’s Open School. The 62 staff members work with 1000 children around New Delhi, with about 250 of the children sleeping in their shelters every night. The program is democratic, involving the children in decision-making.

All of the kids consider themselves to be working, even if they are rag pickers. They range in age from 9 to 15. The kids take whatever education program they want and have meals at the shelters, which they pay for at 5 rupies a day (about 10 cents). They are very enthusiastic and confident children.

Some feedback about the video:

[quote]The Butterflies DVD is wonderful! When I first put it in I actually stood in front of the TV for about 15 minutes before I sat down! I really like the entire rawness & spontaneity of the questions, reactions, answers and reactions again! –D.F, FL[/quote]

[quote]I was shocked at how confident, secure and self-nurturing these kids are. As soon as you see them it strikes you!” –D.R., NY[/quote]


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