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Letter From Taiwanese School Under Attack

Dear all,

This Heather from Taiwan.

Our school is in an emergency. We need your help!!

Humanity School’s Elementary and Junior High is funded by the government. It is run as a not for profit, founded by our parents, The Humanity and Differential Education Foundation. This model is sometimes translated as a “Charter School,” but it is not exactly the same as the way it is in America.

Yesterday we got a very sad news. The government announced to cancel the contract with our foundation!!! Which means, the Humanity School is being taken back by our local government!!!!

The main reason the local government is taking back Humanity School from us is: For a long time, we have been neglecting the academic achievement of our students. We receive payments in addition to government-funded tuition (For example, the budget that the government provides only supplies classes with a 1:30 teacher-student ratio, while the ratio of Humanity is 1:7. But we always seek for financial support for those in need.) Therefore, they say we are harming students’ growth and is socially unjust.

In the year of 2014, Taiwan passed the “Three Acts Governing Experimental Education”, which accredits three forms of experimental education: The Non-School Form, the School Form, and the Charter Form. By calling them “Experimental Education,” it means that none of these experimental initiatives are required to follow the national regulations, such as the national curriculum, among others.

We have always been proud of Taiwan’s policy change. But I feel it’s a shame that our school’s situation could still happen at a local level

How can I just let it happen and do nothing!?

So we need your help!

You can help us by doing the following steps:

  1. Take a short video (around 30 seconds), or write a letter. Tell everyone what the value you see in our school is, and in what way is our education important to the world.
    In the end of the video, please tell us: Where are you from, what is your name, what is your organization/position, and say “don’t kill the pride of Taiwan.”
  2. Where to put the video or letter? Please put on your Facebook page, hashtag #DontkilltheprideofTaiwan #別用框框扼殺孩子的未來 and also send the profile to for me.
    If it’s possible, please do it before December 10th, because we are in hurry.

Thanks for everything~~~
We will keep you updated when we have more information!