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Apprenticeship Positions Available at Liberated Learners Centers


Apprenticeship Positions Available at Liberated Learners Centers

Liberated Learners offers a year-long apprenticeship program to support people to learn the skills and ideas necessary to create and/or work successfully in self-directed learning programs. Liberated Learners is a network of not-for-profit centers based on the North Star model which support teens to live and learn without school. Apprenticeship positions are currently available for the 2016-17 at Princeton Learning Cooperative (in NJ) and Deep Root Center for Self-Directed Learning (in NY).

The apprentice will work closely with the staff at the center in all aspects of running the program, including planning in the summer and closing out the year. The main program responsibilities include: teaching classes, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring teen members, working to build and maintain an engaged community of members and staff, running family meetings, organizing field trips and events, participating in staff meetings, and working with prospective teens and their families.

See the Liberated Learners apprentice page for more information about the apprenticeship program. For questions, or 609-851-2522.