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Seeking Purpose in a World in Transition: A 10-Week Residential Internship at Indralaya


IndralayaThis vital new program provides a meaningful opportunity for young adults to gain a fuller awareness of their individual potential and purpose in a supportive setting that encourages self-reflection and a deep engagement with the natural world.

The program is open to those aged 18 to 30. Applications are now being accepted for Fall, 2014 (September 2 – November 11) and Spring, 2015 (March 31 – June 8).


The internship structure is based on the theosophical premise that a well-balanced life includes elements of study, meditation & service. 

Interns will participate in a course of personalized and group study, reflecting upon purpose, values and self. Sessions exploring these concepts will take place weekly. Interns will be introduced to reflective journaling practices, and philosophical ideas. Participation in Indralaya's regular programs  is also included. 

The program will offer the opportunity to experience a full range of contemplative activities, including group meditations, weekly council circles, spiritual direction, and a four day silent meditation retreat.

In service to the Indralaya community, interns will also be mentored in practical life skills including office administration, building maintenance, organic gardening, grounds maintenance, kitchen management and vegetarian meal preparation.

Our immediate aim is not that which is best in itself, but that which is best for us in our present stage, and carries us one step forward. 

—Annie Besant


Minor Lile (MBA, MSD), Executive Director, and Leonie Van Gelder (BA, LMT), Operations Manager, will work closely with Director of Education, Emlyn Walter Cruickshank (JD, MEd), in coordinating the residential internship program. Minor & Leonie have directed Indralaya’s operations and activities for over 15 years. They have wide experience teaching self-reflection activities, meditation, theosophical concepts, and healing practices such as therapeutic touch. Emlyn has taught high school, lectured in philosophy and education at college and graduate levels, and designed and delivered philosophy programs in a variety of adult education settings. 


Interns will be housed in a shared cabin with access to a nearby bathhouse and laundry. Meals are ovo-lacto vegetarian, with non-gluten and vegan diets readily accommodated. Indralaya also offers an expansive metaphysical library and many creative and recreational opportunities. Our guidelines preclude use of non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or meat products, while on property.


Fees are subsidized by the service hours that interns will contribute to Indralaya each week. The remaining cost for the internship, including 3 meals a day, housing, utilities, tuition, program supplies, and all expenses associated with regular weekend programs, is $950. Scholarship assistance is available.  

For more information on Indralaya and our residential internship program, please visit, or email Emlyn on