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New SelfDesign Graduate Institute Webinars

October 8, 4-5 PM PDT   
Josette Luvmour: How Adults Grow Together with Children

Josette’s presentation will draw on her new book, Grow Together: Parenting as a Path to Well-Being, Wisdom, and Joy (

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October 15, 4-5 PM PDT   
David Marshak: Evolutionary Parenting
In this webinar David will explore the concept of evolutionary parenting, in particular how the consciousness that parents bring to their parenting can enhance the evolution of consciousness in their children as their children grow through childhood and adolescence.
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October 22, 4-5 PM PDT   
Michael Carberry: Whole Life Learning
The Whole Life Learning Center is education outside the box. Now in its 7th year, the Center serves more than 100 families in Austin, Texas. Michael will describe the Center’s model of Whole Life Learning.
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October 29, 4-5 PM PDT   
Laurel Tien: Illuminating Transformational Learning through a Transdisciplinary Methodology
How can a transdisciplinary world view illuminate a transformational approach to teaching and learning that acknowledges contemporary threads of transpersonal, integral, holistic, contemplative, spiritual and evolutionary approaches? 
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November 12 , 4-5 PM PST   
Tracey Huguley: Oppression and Integral Consciousness: One Way to Move Beyond Polarization and Towards that Which is Beautiful, True, and Good!
How might we share intercultural spaces with one another as allies and utilize integral consciousness as a tool for evolving consciously in these spaces?
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November 19, 4-5 PM PST   
Elaine Decker: Making Sense with the Sense of Humour
Borrowing the joker’s topsy-turvy perspective, we strengthen the funny bone, embrace the contraries themselves, strengthen the imagination, consider alternatives, look again and askance, and keep a humble and hopeful stance. We grow into this peculiar form of wisdom by locating and developing our natural capacities for flexibility, imagination, and courage.
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Brooklyn Free School Teacher Institute: Making Room for Student Voice in the Classroom!

Thursday, November 16 – Saturday, November 18
A 3-day experiential workshop for pre-K through 12th grade educators and school leaders led by New York City’s only Democratic Free School.

  • Build curriculum guided by student interests.
  • Attend to equity and justice within and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop a working democracy with room for individual voices.
  • Establish deep and respectful relationships between teacher and student.
  • Make room for social and emotional development.

**The Teacher Institute is now listed in the ASPDP Catalog! Look for it as “Making Room for Student Voice in the Classroom!” To receive 1 credit, Public School Teachers must register with ASPDP and also complete Brooklyn Free School’s registration **

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Henry Redhead Speaks In Bangalore, India

The importance of teaching and parenting has become a prominent topic of discussion like never before and rightly so.  As a teacher and a parent, if we are able to sow the right seeds of thoughts, feelings, and action in a child now, the return on investment will be multi- fold for the country and the world.

Every generation has a challenge, in the earlier times children were put into schools that run like factories and only focused on loading information and memorizing this information to score high. It was assumed that one who scored high is intelligent and prepared for life!

In addition to this challenge , the current generation children are spending more time playing games on their mobile phones than going outdoors to play and learn. We can blame this trend on technology or congested living spaces but it’s time to look at how children play, learn and evolve as better human beings and future citizens of the globe.

Oasis – Dialogue with Henry Readhead ,  was an event on 31st Aug 2017  organized by Oasis movement, a non-profit organization; and SchoolScape, a centre for educators, that had approx. 130 educators from different credible education institutions from across south India gathering at the Ashirvad Hall at St. Marks road to discuss this most important matter that will have a huge impact on the future of this globe, “EDUCATION”.

Henry Readhead is the grandson of AS Neil who is the founder of Summerhill School, one of the oldest school practicing democratic education (from 1921). The Summerhill school works with the belief that a school should be made to fit the child rather than the other way round. It is one of the oldest and most famous democratic schools in the world and has influenced educational practices in many schools and universities across the globe. The school is today a thriving democratic community showing that children can learn to be self-confident, tolerant, and considerate when given the space to be themselves and trusted with the right to decide for themselves and the community.

The questions asked & introspected along with Henry were:

  • What is the pedagogy that Summerhill follows?
  • Have there been unhappy children even at Summerhill?
  • Have you come across any shortcomings while practicing the philosophy?
  • Is there a conflict between the school students once they grow in a free environment with their parents who may not have that mindset? Do you conduct programs for parents?
  • What support do you provide if some school want to follow and seeks your guidance?
  • How do the children who study in Summerhill school adjust to the world outside which still thinks IQ is important and believes in competition?

And there were more…


Henry answered every question from the audience beautifully with amazing sincerity and wit. He spoke from his heart and his passion for education and Summerhill School was evident.

The talk began with Henry sharing about his personal journey at Summerhill, as a child how he wanted to pursue music and by the age of 30, he realized that his heart lies in Summerhill School as he was constantly talking more about Summerhill than his music. That is when he decided to dedicate his life to Summerhill School and become a part of the school administration.

Highlights of his talk were:

  • The word ‘freedom’ is not so easy to understand. Freedom is not license. You do need to bring a sense of commitment and structure. The Summerhill School encourages children to define their own boundaries. Freedom for them does not mean they impinge on the freedom of others. It’s about respecting each other’s boundaries.
  • Education should focus on holistic development of a child, social-emotional development is as important as academic development
  • Children should find their own individual goals and involve themselves. The parent and teacher are to provide the right environment to do this. It is important that we do not jump into taking decision for children.
  • Learning should be play. Play is the most natural way to connect with the environment, people and themselves.
  • School should support children to get where they want to get to. For example- If a child wants to become a doctor, the child should make the decision on the effort that needs to be put into, the school should support this decision and effort.
  • The strength of Summer Hill school is its community Mindset, the teachers meet very often and children come together to make a decision on things that actually affect them.

Overall, it was great interacting with Henry and was heartwarming to see such wonderful participation by all the educationalists.  The common goal of changing the way we educate children to make a positive impact on the society resonated among all the educationalists present there.

This investment of time, energy, and emotion in the future citizens is surely going to lead us in the right direction despite all odds.

 Education is the way to change the future.

About Oasis

OASIS is a registered charitable trust rooted at Vadodara, Gujarat, since 1993.Spread across all major cities of Gujarat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hosur, Some parts of USA, and Europe.

The central philosophy of Oasis Movement is character building education.  For this movement Oasis has taken up many major initiatives viz: IYLDP (Indian Young Leadership Development Program for children and youth), “Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar”( The Campaign For Awareness And Fulfillment Of Teachers’

Swadharma), Oasis L3 course (powerfully inspiring programs for people at large), Oasis Publication on Character Education, Organic Farming, Hygiene and Adolescence, Education for underprivileged children). Our objective is to empower children & youth by providing supportive environments where they can lead their lives with dignity. Our main focus is to nurture children to unleash their potential and to help them live a meaningful life.

Please visit  for more information.

SchoolScape, a centre for educators conducts teacher development programs and a one-year course at the Elementary school level. It has worked in partnership with education departments in Karnataka and TN, with the MHRD, with national and international organizations; and schools. It will be organizing the International Democratic Education Conference – IDEC – in November 2018, which will be held in tandem with the Asia-Pacific DEC – APDEC _and InDEC

Visit: Contact:

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List Of Available Audio Downloads From The AERO Conference

You can buy these downloads here.
1. Radical Unschooling – Dayna Martin
2. Big Picture Learning – Dennis Littky
3. Free to Learn – Peter Gray
4. Educational Freedom – Jonathan Kozol
5. On Race, Personal Power, and Lifetime Education – Akilah Richards
6. The Uterus-based Curriculum – John Gatto
We have CDs of the following mini talks:
All three speakers on one CD or DVD
7. Mini Talk – Jamaal Bowman
8. Mini Talk – Michael Hynes, Ed. D.
9. Mini Talk – Brenna Gibson Redpath
All three speakers on one CD
11. Mini Talk – Joanna Faber
12. Mini Talk – Jane Macdonald
13. Mini Talk – Debra O’Rouke
We have CDs of the following workshops:
14. Creating Learning Opportunities – Dindi Kitonga
15 Nature as a Springboard for Learning in Urban Areas – Deanna Fahey
16. The Rebirth of Public Education Richard Fransham
17. Democracy for Life: An Overview of RONR Ted Weisgal
18. The Essential Component of A Democratic School – Dave Lehman, Ph.D.
19. Teacher Liberation – Joel Hammon
20. Prescription for a Healthy School – Peter Berg
21. Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities – Steve C. Imber, Ph.D.
22. Changing the Special Education Paradigm – Forsythe, PhD/Cochran, MEd
23. Unschooling!: A Review of the Research – Gina Riley, Ph.D.
24. To Read or Not to Read: Rethinking Literacy Practices – Charlotte Landvoigt, Ed.D.
25. My Personal Journey – Carol Nash
26. From Unschooling to College: One Young Man’s Story – Benjamin Riley
27. The Parallel Experiences of A Learner/Educator – Laurel Tien
28.. How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen – Joanna Faber
29.  Mani Aloha Project – Stephanie Shuler
30. Aero 2017 School Starter Workshop – Jerry Mintz
31. What Public Systems Can Learn From Alternatives – Debbie O’Rourke
32. Report on Homeschool Study for Pioneer Institute – Bill Heuer
33. Adventures in Integrative Education – Jan Magray
34. How to Create A Self-Directed Education Community – Ben Draper
35. Encouraging Individuals – Liam Corcoran
36. Varieties of Participative Practices in Democratic Schools – Michael Retza