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AERO New Year’s Quiz With Prizes; No Correct Answers Last Week so Prize Doubled!

AERO New Year’s Quiz With Prizes

So you think you know all about alternative education. Take this quiz and see. All winners will receive free books from AERO.
1. In what year was Summerhill founded?
  • A. 1960
  • B. 1948
  • C. 1934
  • D. 1921
2. What contest did a democratic school in Israel win during the IDEC there?
  • A. Computer programming
  • B. Best democratic meeting
  • C. Best art project
  • D. Best music program
3. What was the documentary, “If there is a Reason to Study” about? It what country was it made?
  • A. Montessori education
  • B. The effect of testing on students
  • C.Democratic education
  • D.Pearson exposé
  • E. Extra credit, which country?
4. Name a boarding democratic school in the United States.
  • A. Sudbury Valley School
  • B. Brooklyn Free School
  • C. Highland School
  • D. Windsor House School
5. What is the title of Jerry Mintz’s new book?
  • A. No Homework
  • B. Summerhill Revisited
  • C. School’s Over
  • D. School’s Out
6. What 80 year old pioneering activist and author was a keynoter at this year’s AERO conference?
  • A. Jonathan Kozol
  • B. Nikhil Goyal
  • C. Sir Ken Robinson
  • D. Pat Montgomery
7. What AERO member was a pioneer in the health food and organic farming movements?
  • A. Sudbury Valley School
  • B. Summerhill School
  • C. School of Living
  • D. Grassroots Free School
8. Who founded Clonlara School 50 years ago?
  • A. Mother Teresa
  • B. Pat Montgomery
  • C. Sandy Hurst
  • D. Mary Leue
9. Which school did AERO support during Hurricane Maria?
  • A. Houston Sudbury
  • B. Grassroots Free School
  • C. Espacio A
  • D. Nuestra Escuela
10. Where will the next International Democratic Education Conference be held?
  • A. Israel
  • B. Kenya
  • C. India
  • D. United States

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