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New SelfDesign Graduate Institute Webinars

October 8, 4-5 PM PDT   
Josette Luvmour: How Adults Grow Together with Children

Josette’s presentation will draw on her new book, Grow Together: Parenting as a Path to Well-Being, Wisdom, and Joy (

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October 15, 4-5 PM PDT   
David Marshak: Evolutionary Parenting
In this webinar David will explore the concept of evolutionary parenting, in particular how the consciousness that parents bring to their parenting can enhance the evolution of consciousness in their children as their children grow through childhood and adolescence.
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October 22, 4-5 PM PDT   
Michael Carberry: Whole Life Learning
The Whole Life Learning Center is education outside the box. Now in its 7th year, the Center serves more than 100 families in Austin, Texas. Michael will describe the Center’s model of Whole Life Learning.
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October 29, 4-5 PM PDT   
Laurel Tien: Illuminating Transformational Learning through a Transdisciplinary Methodology
How can a transdisciplinary world view illuminate a transformational approach to teaching and learning that acknowledges contemporary threads of transpersonal, integral, holistic, contemplative, spiritual and evolutionary approaches? 
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November 12 , 4-5 PM PST   
Tracey Huguley: Oppression and Integral Consciousness: One Way to Move Beyond Polarization and Towards that Which is Beautiful, True, and Good!
How might we share intercultural spaces with one another as allies and utilize integral consciousness as a tool for evolving consciously in these spaces?
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November 19, 4-5 PM PST   
Elaine Decker: Making Sense with the Sense of Humour
Borrowing the joker’s topsy-turvy perspective, we strengthen the funny bone, embrace the contraries themselves, strengthen the imagination, consider alternatives, look again and askance, and keep a humble and hopeful stance. We grow into this peculiar form of wisdom by locating and developing our natural capacities for flexibility, imagination, and courage.
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Report from Poland from the Children’s Rights Congress and International Korczak Association Conference

Joyce Reilly, Marcia Talmage Schneider, Efrat Efron, Tatyana Tsyrulina Spady and Mariola Strahlberg attended a very special congress/conference at the Polin Museum in Warsaw from September 13th – 16th.

Here is what Marcia wanted to share with you about it:
Mostly it was amazing! I was blown away at the number of persons who attended the 8th International Korczak Association Conference and The 3rd International Congress of Children’s Rights and the numerous and varied lectures. Everybody was interested in Janusz Korczak!  There was a simultaneous translation of English and Polish for all the lectures and individual translations at the workshops.  The event was held in the Polin Museum of Warsaw.  This new museum is commemorating the thousand-year history of Jews in Poland. There were about 500 people who attended-coming from many corners of the world among them from Poland, Canada, United States, Israel, Ukraine, Kazan, Switzerland, Australia to name just a few. There are now 17 countries in the International Korczak Association,  the newest being Tunisia which was represented by two delegates and voted into the organization on September 16th.  Most of the people at the conference are involved in education/pedagogy, Korczak’s methodology and children’s rights. There were two ombudsmen (one from Polish Parliament and the other from Canada) who represent Children’s Rights-something which Korczak wrote about and held very high in 1920’s… The Polish Government spent a good deal of money on this conference as they hold Korczak to be one of their national ‘heroes’.  We were wined and dined and treated to a plethora of lectures and workshops given during the four days: Children’s Rights; Philosophy, Pedagogy and practice; History and Remembrance; and The Rights of the Child; a future perspective.  Our own Mariola Strahlberg, Efrat Efron and Tatyana Tsyrulina gave talks during the workshops and their talks were well received. What a thrill to meet in person those ”Facebook” friends who are part of the Korczak Internet group, sons, and daughters of orphans from Orphans Home and Our Home. The guided tour in the footsteps of Korczak around Warsaw and the visit to Polin Museum added to the already rich experience. It was very special to interact on a personal basis with so many people who love Korczak, his ideas and ways with children!   Indeed many who truly believe in Korczak’s words: ‘You cannot leave the world as it is.”
If you would like to find out more about the conference, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
We look forward to seeing you at our conference in Seattle in August 2018 – more info coming soon.

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Brooklyn Free School Teacher Institute: Making Room for Student Voice in the Classroom!

Thursday, November 16 – Saturday, November 18
A 3-day experiential workshop for pre-K through 12th grade educators and school leaders led by New York City’s only Democratic Free School.

  • Build curriculum guided by student interests.
  • Attend to equity and justice within and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop a working democracy with room for individual voices.
  • Establish deep and respectful relationships between teacher and student.
  • Make room for social and emotional development.

**The Teacher Institute is now listed in the ASPDP Catalog! Look for it as “Making Room for Student Voice in the Classroom!” To receive 1 credit, Public School Teachers must register with ASPDP and also complete Brooklyn Free School’s registration **