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Dat School (New Orleans, LA) is currently recruiting for an AmeriCorps

In partnership with Serve Louisiana, Dat School (New Orleans, LA) is currently recruiting for an AmeriCorps as our program development coordinator. Corps Members serve full time for 11 months starting September 1st. Benefits include a living allowance of $14,000, an education award of $6,095, health insurance, student loan forbearance, child care reimbursement, in-depth personal and professional development, and valuable networking opportunities. For more information and to apply:www.datschoolnola.org

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Liberated Learners Has Apprenticeships Available

One of the significant challenges for Liberated Learners in realizing its vision of making the North Star model of learning an option in every community is finding qualified people to create and staff the programs.  To this end, Liberated Learners offers a year-long apprenticeship program to support people to learn the skills and ideas necessary to create and/or work successfully in self-directed learning programs.

Program Highlights:

  • Room and board may be provided by the host program.
  • The host program may provide a small monthly cash stipend.
  • Apprentices have the opportunity to visit and study other programs throughout the year.
  • A two month and four month formal review will take place with each party retaining the right to end the apprenticeship at that time with no further obligation from either side.
  • Each apprentice works closely with the staff of an established center in all aspects of running the program, including planning in the summer and closing out the year. The main program responsibilities include: teaching classes, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring members, working to build and maintain an engaged community of members and staff, running family meetings, organizing field trips, participating in staff meetings, and working with prospective young people and their families.

Prospective applicants

To be considered as a candidate for apprenticeship, an applicant must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A U.S. citizen or have legal status to work in the United States

Successful applicants do not have to be high school or college graduates; no particular educational qualifications are required.


Applications are accepted at any point during the year. Please submit all completed application materials to

CLICK HERE FOR Liberated Learners Application

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The Antioch School Seeks Experienced Teacher

The Antioch School is looking for an experienced teacher for the Younger Group teaching position, beginning in the 2019 school year.  The Younger Group is a multi-age class comprised of children approximately 6-9 years old.  Applicants must have extensive understanding of child development, individual learning styles, child-centered learning, and the demonstrated ability to apply those principles. Bachelor’s degree or higher required. The school is seeking a teacher with keen observation skills, who can develop curriculum based on the social, intellectual, and creative needs of the individuals within the group. The Antioch School is an independent elementary school in the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, with a 98-year history of educating children in a democratic setting. The Antioch School is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity employer.  Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, resume, three letters of reference and a statement of teaching philosophy, to For first consideration, submit all application materials by June 21, 2019.  To learn more about the school, see

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Miami Sudbury School Seeks Interns

Position Description: Being such a unique educational model and philosophy, Sudbury schooling is best learned on the job. Thus, the ideal way to learn and train to be a future staff member is through our internship program so that all parties can make sure there is a mutual understanding of the expectations and tasks involved.

Interns participate as members of the school community where a democratic process is used to decide all school matters. Students and staff (and possibly interns) all have an equal vote. Students, Staff, and Interns are all held accountable by the school system of justice called the Judicial Committee (JC) that meets daily to deal with infractions to the School Lawbook. Interns must support the school’s democratic and judicial process and be capable of functioning in the community. They should be respectful of students’ activities so students can operate independently and interdependently. Adults in a Sudbury School community do not teach daily formal lessons like in a traditional school setting, but act as role models and guides without directing or suggesting what a student should do (unless there is a safety concern). Adults in the community are not responsible for entertaining or instructing students, but rather for maintaining/facilitating the essential processes of the school in the Sudbury Model and ensuring safety. Interns should act as responsible members of the school community on a consistent basis. Our intern program is used as a trial period for staff at our school.

Qualifications: We are seeking enthusiastic, highly-motivated, and adaptable leaders to join our school community. Interns need to be interested in learning about democratic education and self-directed learning. They should enjoy working with children in a way that respects the thoughts and agency of children and does not treat them as inferior or needing constant direction or entertainment. An open-minded and just person with a variety of interests is preferred. Respecting and valuing each student’s unique interests and being willing to let students learn from experience is critical. A cleared background/fingerprint check is required prior to the first day of the internship. Must have reliable transportation.  

Schedule: School is open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm. We need interns to commit to a regular schedule (agreed to in advance with our school staff). For example, an intern could commit to MWF 9:30am – 12pm or Tues – Thurs 12 – 3pm ideally for a minimum 6 week time period. The important aspect is consistency and reliability. Please see our school calendar:

Benefits: The Miami Sudbury School is the FIRST and ONLY Sudbury school in Miami-Dade county. This unique approach to education has been called one of the most cutting-edge. Though many Education students have not heard of this model, even in graduate school, it is expanding around the globe for reasons interns will quickly come to see and appreciate. This internship is unpaid but we are willing to consider course credit or offering a small stipend for the right candidate.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to visit our website for further information regarding the Sudbury model and philosophy: Email introductions with an explanation of interest in the internship program and availability should be sent to Subject: Intern Program