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Workspace Education Tours Available in CT

If you could start from scratch to design the ultimate way to educate our kids, what would it look like? This question was the spark that ignited the concept of Workspace Education. With robust educational experience and training, Workspace Education founder, Catherine Fraise, has created a model for child-centric K-12 education that blends the very best of the most innovative educational paradigms.

At Workspace, foundational literacies are developed through custom curriculums that acknowledge every child’s learning style—paced swiftly when a child feels momentum and slowed when a child is stuck. Days are rich with the benefits of variety and community—sustaining energy levels, feeding active minds, and fostering positive thinking. Kids toggle among STEM activities, Socratic dialogs, and the fine and performing arts. Free time inspires group inventions and spontaneous quests. And, exciting projects that integrate disciplines within the context of collaboration bring the foundational literacies to life and serve to lock in acquired skills in meaningful ways.

I also implore you to check out our website for more information

We are located in Bethel, CT. Open invitation for a tour as it’s best to experience in person!

Any questions?! Looking forward to meeting you in August!

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Part time (3 contact days + 4 hours planning per week during term times)

We are seeking a Lead Tutor to oversee the Lumiar Pilot Project in the UK. This will lead to the opening of an Independent Lumiar School in September 2018. The Pilot Project will start in the second week of September 2017 with up to 15 children aged 5-11 years old.  We are currently confirming the location, which will be around the A36 corridor between Bath and Frome. The work of the Lead Tutor will be supported and overseen by an experienced Board of educators and business people.

This is an exciting and challenging role and will require creative thinking, resourcefulness and tenacity. The role is for someone who is passionate about transforming education, who wants to work with a dynamic and committed group of people to establish a new and innovative approach, and who deeply shares the vision and ethos of the Lumiar Pilot Project.

We are also seeking Masters to lead on specific project based learning as part of the pilot project.  Candidates who are interested in being a Master should write a letter outlining their areas of expertise and why they would be an inspiration for a group of children in leading a specific project.

Candidates are invited to contact us for more information before making an application. Please contact Melissa Kendall on 07786 363553 or email


Further information is available in the attached documents

– Lead Tutor Job Description and Person Specification

– Lumiar Pilot Project Ethos and Vision

– Application Form 


The deadline for applications is Thursday 27th July. If you are shortlisted you will be informed on Friday 28th July.

The process will include an interview and some observed teaching and facilitation activities. Candidates that are shortlisted will be invited to an interview with the Board of the Lumiar Pilot Project in the first week of August.

Please email your completed application forms to

or send to 

Laurel Farm

17 Carlingcott

Peasedown St John



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Ann Arbor Open School Seeks Principals



Ann Arbor Open School is K-8 magnet school serving 500+ students.  This unique school is focused on the belief that children come to school already immersed in their own learning, with personal strengths and interests. Our project-based, cooperative learning model is designed to provide guidance, stimulation, and support as students learn, including interest-based opportunities in an environment steeped in respect for our young people. Instruction includes required standards and curriculum, while also striving to support social and emotional development. Ann Arbor Open supports the learning styles of each student, helping all reach their full potential."


See the openings here.

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German Doin To Keynote at the 2017 AERO Conference.


German Doin is one of the most well-respected alternative education researchers in Latinamérica. As an independent filmmaker, he released in 2012 the film "The Forbidden Education" (La Educación Prohibida), which revolutionised the education conversation in LatinAmérica and Spain, putting the alternatives into the big discussion regarding learning and public education. His film, which has reached online over 15 million views, is still today a reference for the education debate in every major university in LA, used as a source for critical perspectives to educación.

Since then, Doin cofounded the nonprofit Reevo, the Alternative Education Network which registers, researches, connects, and actively supports the alternative education movement in the region. Reevo mediates between educators, alternative schools, movements, governments and national/local networks all over LA with the purpose of transforming education. It also promotes the raising and developing of alternative learning communities and schools through online platforms, workshops, content production and events.

In the last years German and his team were responsible for the Alternative Education Week in Colombia in 2015, held by the Secretary of Education of Bogotá; and the 4th Encounter of Nuestra América, held in Brasilia in June 2017. Both events gathered the most respected alternative educators of LA and were key for the building of networks in the region.

As a father of 2 children, he founded and participates in the coordination of a learner-centered education community in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina.