AERO Conference: Shared Room & Conference Package Offer

$515.00 $390.00

Come to the AERO Conference: June 28th, near New York City!

Register for The AERO conference today to reserve this special package rate which includes:

  • Conference registration fees (currently $225/adult)
  • Double room fees for, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights ($225 value). To add nights, contact us.
  • Use coupon codes “paid50deposit” or “paid100deposit” if you have already paid a deposit to attend AERO.
  • Change the quantity to match the number of students/presenters attending.
  • Call the AERO office at (516) 621-2195 if you have any questions or to pay your conference fees by phone.


Deposits are nonrefundable. All other conference fees are refundable at a rate of $.75 to every dollar through May 1st. No refunds for any conference fees will be returned after June 1st.