No Homework and Recess All Day


How to Have Freedom and Democracy in Education

by Jerry Mintz


Jerry Mintz draws on his long experience as director of a democratic school and also on his extensive work with democratic and alternative schools around the world to give an overview of this growing movement.

Mintz, a world-wide authority on alternative education, has spent most of his life promoting learner-centered education and the empowerment of children.

If you’ve ever thought of homeschooling, sending a child to a democratic school, attending a democratic school or maybe even starting a democratic school, this is the book for you.

This is a delight to read, full of insights drawn from real life. Jerry Mintz’ broad experience with other ways to organize the scholastic part of growing up is unique. -John Taylor Gatto, author: Dumbing Us Down and The Underground History of American Education.

A remarkable book about a remarkable life’s work. The book is clear and easy to read, with wonderful stories. An ideal primer for anyone interested in education, commitment, service. It’s a gem. -Svetlana A. Sussman & Harris Sussman, Ph.D.