Additional 2015 AERO Conference Workshops

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Pick and choose What ones you want or buy them all for $60!


Revolutionizing Public Education- Richard Fransham 

Our school: a student-designed public school proposal by students -Laura Pretty

Citizen Organization: the Emergence of Alternative Educational Projects – Silvia Villicorta  (Spain)

Democratic teachers in Public Schools: Looking at Authority and Cultural Context – Diane Hamilton

Cooperative games for a Warm and Loving School Climate – Suzanne Lyons

Techniques for Developing Narrative – Carol Nash

Directing my own education

Rites of Passage in Educational Design – Jen Mendez and David Blumenkrantz

Walking with Confidence Down the Path of Unschooling – Jen Mendez

Teen Panel: Directing my own Education – Teens from Liberated Learning Centers

Language in a Free School: Albany Free School Students

Creating an Oasis in Desert of a Traditional School – Anne Shaw