2017 AERO Conference Audio Download


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1. Radical Unschooling – Dayna Martin
2. Big Picture Learning – Dennis Littky
3. Free to Learn – Peter Gray
4. Educational Freedom – Jonathan Kozol
5. On Race, Personal Power, and Lifetime Education – Akilah Richards
6. The Uterus-based Curriculum – John Gatto
We have CDs of the following mini talks:
All three speakers on one CD or DVD
7. Mini Talk – Jamaal Bowman
8. Mini Talk – Michael Hynes, Ed. D.
9. Mini Talk – Brenna Gibson Redpath
All three speakers on one CD
11. Mini Talk – Joanna Faber
12. Mini Talk – Jane Macdonald
13. Mini Talk – Debra O’Rouke
We have CDs of the following workshops:
14. Creating Learning Opportunities – Dindi Kitonga
15 Nature as a Springboard for Learning in Urban Areas – Deanna Fahey
16. The Rebirth of Public Education Richard Fransham
17. Democracy for Life: An Overview of RONR Ted Weisgal
18. The Essential Component of A Democratic School – Dave Lehman, Ph.D.
19. Teacher Liberation – Joel Hammon
20. Prescription for a Healthy School – Peter Berg
21. Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities – Steve C. Imber, Ph.D.
22. Changing the Special Education Paradigm – Forsythe, PhD/Cochran, MEd
23. Unschooling!: A Review of the Research – Gina Riley, Ph.D.
24. To Read or Not to Read: Rethinking Literacy Practices – Charlotte Landvoigt, Ed.D.
25. My Personal Journey – Carol Nash
26. From Unschooling to College: One Young Man’s Story – Benjamin Riley
27. The Parallel Experiences of A Learner/Educator – Laurel Tien
28.. How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen – Joanna Faber
29.  Mani Aloha Project – Stephanie Shuler
30. Aero 2017 School Starter Workshop – Jerry Mintz
31. What Public Systems Can Learn From Alternatives – Debbie O’Rourke
32. Report on Homeschool Study for Pioneer Institute – Bill Heuer
33. Adventures in Integrative Education – Jan Magray
34. How to Create A Self-Directed Education Community – Ben Draper
35. Encouraging Individuals – Liam Corcoran
36. Varieties of Participative Practices in Democratic Schools – Michael Retza

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