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Permaculture, Ecovillage, and Arts Community Education (PEACE)

This summer Heathcote Community is offering a special Permaculture, Ecovillage, and Arts Community Education (PEACE) program. This features internships in farming and carpentry plus a variety of educational workshops! The flyer and postcards are enclosed.
This program is designed for those who are interested in a focused month of work experience and learning about permaculture, ecovillages, community living and personal growth.  Workshops led by experts will be offered in the following subjectsEcovillage Education, Permaculture Design, Community Skills, Wilderness Awareness and Survival Skills, Consensus and Facilitation, Empathy in Action, Social Justice, Breathwork, Conflict as a Doorway to Intimacy, Interplay, Enneagram, Meditation, Yoga, and more. 
Note:  People can take the workshops without doing an internship.  They can also do an internship without taking the workshops.  Internships are available year-round.  Tuition options are posted online.
We think this program will be of particular interest to students of: Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Peace Studies, Women's Studies, Permaculture, Farming, Historic Restoration, Carpentry, Intentional Community, Sociology, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution, Consensus Facilitation, and Mindfulness.
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