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SelfDesign Graduate Institute Fall 2017 Webinars

October 8, 4-5 PM PDT   
Josette Luvmour: How Adults Grow Together with Children

Josette’s presentation will draw on her new book, Grow Together: Parenting as a Path to Well-Being, Wisdom, and Joy (

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October 15, 4-5 PM PDT   
David Marshak: Evolutionary Parenting
In this webinar David will explore the concept of evolutionary parenting, in particular how the consciousness that parents bring to their parenting can enhance the evolution of consciousness in their children as their children grow through childhood and adolescence.
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October 22, 4-5 PM PDT   
Michael Carberry: Whole Life Learning
The Whole Life Learning Center is education outside the box. Now in its 7th year, the Center serves more than 100 families in Austin, Texas. Michael will describe the Center’s model of Whole Life Learning.
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October 29, 4-5 PM PDT   
Laurel Tien: Illuminating Transformational Learning through a Transdisciplinary Methodology
How can a transdisciplinary world view illuminate a transformational approach to teaching and learning that acknowledges contemporary threads of transpersonal, integral, holistic, contemplative, spiritual and evolutionary approaches? 
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November 12 , 4-5 PM PST   
Tracey Huguley: Oppression and Integral Consciousness: One Way to Move Beyond Polarization and Towards that Which is Beautiful, True, and Good!
How might we share intercultural spaces with one another as allies and utilize integral consciousness as a tool for evolving consciously in these spaces?
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November 19, 4-5 PM PST   
Elaine Decker: Making Sense with the Sense of Humour
Borrowing the joker’s topsy-turvy perspective, we strengthen the funny bone, embrace the contraries themselves, strengthen the imagination, consider alternatives, look again and askance, and keep a humble and hopeful stance. We grow into this peculiar form of wisdom by locating and developing our natural capacities for flexibility, imagination, and courage.
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