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Peter Gray To Keynote AERO Conference

As you know, we took a break from the publication of the e news to reevaluate the newsletter, the conference and AERO. Adler Yang, film maker and entrepreneur and free school graduate from Taiwan is visiting us for a few weeks to help out with conference promotion and organization. You can expect some interesting announcements from him soon.


As many people have discovered, the AERO Conference is unique in the world and the most important gathering for learner-centered education. Many new education initiatives have grown from the AERO conference.

This week we reexamined many aspects of the conference and we are happy to announce several new facets that are planned for this year:

We have a theme for the conference: If Learner-Centered Education is the Answer, What is the Question?  We'd like to hear your responses to this.



* Peter Gray now plans to do a keynote at this conference and will be organizing a mini-conference for his Alliance of Self Directed education. Furthermore they are bringing Akilah Richards, a world-renowned speaker and expert on Self-Directed education, especially as it relates to minority students. More info coming soon.

* Also, Manisha Snoyer, founder of Cottage Class, will be bringing teachers.  parents and students from her program to the conference. They have created dozens of micro-schools and developed many services for them. More info coming soon.

*At the request of past participants, we will have activities and discussions in the lunch room during meals.

All people who register this week can do so at the $225 low income rate. After that they will have to make special arrangements to get discounts.

This conference is shaping up to be a spectacular event. We already have people coming from 25 states and 6 countries. You can see a partial list below of schools and organizational already registered. You should register right away to take advantage of it or at least contact us as soon as possible with any special needs or questions. 



University of Toronto

cityLIFE nature kits

Wildwood Agile Learning Community

Liberty Soil

Liberated Learners

SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Academic Experiences Abroad

Embark Center for Self-Directed Learning


The Highland School

True North

Alma Education International/Ojai Village Academy 

J Stein and Associates

ECG resources

Bremerton School District

Great and Small Inc.

Urban Homeschoolers

Angeles Workshop School


RSU 35


Melissa Sornik, LCSW PLLC

Natural Creativity

Eliad Group

JP Green House

Reach Out Arts

Dehesa Charter School/Element Education

Institute for Music and Health

Arts of the Spirit

Cottage Class

Alliance for Self Directed Education

New School (Maine)