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List of Organizations Attending the AERO Conference

The Ottawa Public Education Remake Initiative

Rochester Institute of Technology

Macomber Center for Self-Directed Education

University of Toronto

CityLIFE nature kits

Wildwood Agile Learning Community

Liberty Soil

SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Academic Experiences Abroad

Embark Center for Self-Directed Learning


The Highland School

True North

Alma Education International/Ojai Village Academy 

J Stein and Associates

ECG resources

Bremerton School District

Great and Small Inc.

Urban Homeschoolers

Angeles Workshop School


RSU 35

Pono Learning

Melissa Sornik, LCSW PLLC

Natural Creativity

Eliad Group

JP Green House

Reach Out Arts

Dehesa Charter School/Element Education

Institute for Music and Health

Arts of the Spirit



Dida Academy

Alt Ed NYC

Wildewood Learning

School of Cultural Creativity of Waterloo

Center for the Development of Human Learning

World Learning

Harmony Peaks

Agile Learning Center

Uptown Birdies / Parent

King Fahd University


Splot Montessori School Poland

Infinity Graphics Web Design And Development

The Children’s Sangha

Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Cornerstone Academy for Social Action

Pachogue-Medford School District

Cottage Class

Princeton Learning Cooprative

Odysseus Group

Goddard College

Raw Learning