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Trellis Community Learning Partnership School is looking for a dynamic educator to join us in our elementary program this September (2014).

Qualified candidates will need to have experience in an educational setting (beyond homeschooling).

Trellis is a dynamic educational environment, focused on joyful, authentic, hands-on learning.  Our educators embody the following characteristics and skills:

  • treat children with kindness and respect, making every effort to afford each child the maximum potential for growth, both academically and on a social/emotion level 
  • design and implement engaging hands-on learning opportunities that reflect genuine student interest 
  • design and implement lessons that reflect thoughtful consideration of goals, objectives, child audience, and developmental levels 
  • maintain flexibility in teaching, while responding and adjusting topics and approaches based on student interest, feedback, and progress 
  • maintain a cooperative and productive relationship with parents, while sharing pertinent information in an appropriate and professional manner 
  • work with other teachers to integrate material between program classes, when natural and appropriate, with an understanding of the importance of multi-disciplinary connections 

Applications are now being accepted for this position. Interested candidates should submit an application to our program director as soon as possible. More information can be found at