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Greenfields Academy Job Listing

Are you convinced that the way we are educating children has to fundamentally change?
Do you believe that every child has the gifts and talents to change the world?
Are you committed to helping every child become the best version of themselves?
Do you believe that children can and need to have ownership of their education?

If so, read on. If not, this job is not for you.

At Greenfields Academy we will join our students on a journey of self-discovery. We will empower them to find and nurture their passions and develop a vision of who they want to be in the world. We’ll work together to develop the academic and real-world skills to help them become their best version of themselves. Each of our graduates will be prepared to leave their unique mark on this world, and in doing so, lead a full, happy life that is profoundly rich with meaning and purpose.

Are you interested in helping kids find their calling and develop the skills they need to realize their full potential? Together, we can reinvent education and inspire a generation to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

We are looking for a lead academic (you can make up your own title!). Someone who will help create this learning community from scratch. Someone who is ambitious and wants to change the world but knows they have to get their hands dirty to do it.

We are opening our first school in Chicago. The pedagogy is loosely modeled on the very successful Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. It utilizes a new and innovative education model that blends state-of-the-art software, real-world projects, Socratic discussions and an “Individual Quest” program in a student-driven, multi-age classroom. Check out their website at Our aim is to open 4-6 Greenfields Academy locations in Chicago before opening in other cities.

The lead academic has the opportunity to lead the curricula design and implementation efforts for all of these schools. As this is a start-up company, there isn’t a job description for the Lead Academic. There is immediate need for collaborating with Acton Academy for curriculum development; finding and training a co-classroom leader; and working closely with the founder to create the Quest program, recruit students and develop operating systems. The lead academic will also be the founding “guide” for the first groups of students. The right candidate will find this challenge energizing and fulfilling. In case you can’t tell, this is a tough job on a tight timeframe.

The right candidate will have experience in creating project-based learning experiences; facility with educational technology; experience with mentoring, guiding, coaching and/or counseling; a commitment to the Socratic Method; and a Master’s degree in educational psychology, learning science, instructional design or the like. They will possess a can-do attitude; collaborative mindset; deep curiosity about life; entrepreneurial spirit; love of lifelong learning; and a deep respect for children and their abilities.

This is a start-up school. While initial compensation will be competitive, it has the opportunity to rise quickly as the school grows. There is an opportunity for equity as well.

Are you the right candidate? Are you up for the challenge? If you are, please send your resume and a one page document explaining your qualifications and commitment to transforming education to