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Highly Reccomended Alternative Teacher Availible.

I’m writing because a recently graduated MA student of mine (Social Ecology, Prescott College) is looking for work, ideally in an alternative high school.  I really very highly recommend him (and I rarely do this kind of thing, frankly). He’s a wonderful guy who is totally committed to his students, dogged in his intellectual curiosity with a big heart for kids. I think he’d be a real catch for the right school – in part because of his interest in engaging all kinds of kids in sophisticated and rigourous intellectual/academic work (which seems like kind of a rarity in the alt ed world). He last worked at the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA developing original courses in art history, philosophy, and media studies and more recently works as a mentor for home-schooled students. As a student of mine his academic work was brilliant and the scope of his understanding of alternative pedagogies and philosophies is totally impressive. His name is Rabie Kadri and he lives in the OC right now but is willing to travel most anywhere for the right gig, and is ready to roll almost anytime, even on short notice. I’ve agreed to help him hunt for a job – in large part because I am so confident he will be a giant asset for the right school. Its not the ideal time of the year to be looking for school work, but the what the hell. I’ve cc-ed him in here and I hope to hook him up with you because you are one of the most connected education people I know. With luck you might be able to give him some ideas/advice/counsel/connections as he gets serious about this search.
Thanks so much for this!

-Matt Hern.


You can reach Rabie Kadri here:

You can reach Matt Hern here: