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Social Studies Teacher Needed

Social Studies Teacher

A small, independent K-12 school, distinguished by its 6-to-1 student-teacher ratio and personalized system of instruction, seeks a social studies teacher with a broad knowledge of global history, cultures, and geography. The candidate must be attracted by the opportunity to work with a group of committed educational innovators on a demonstration project that has visibility in the educational community.  

The teachers, functioning as an interdisciplinary collaborative team, help students achieve personalized learning objectives. Customized learning plans replace traditional grades and classes. The candidate must be skilled in working with students aged 5 to 14, individually and in small groups, and in helping them develop their social and self-management skills. The goal is to produce self-motivated independent learners who are driven by natural curiosity and a long-term love of learning.

Our approach emphasizes the development of analytical, inquiry, and critical thinking skills. In social studies, students’ principal mode of learning is to research a topic independently and then present and discuss the research report in small groups. They learn to find sources and to treat information and content as raw material for making comparisons, raising questions, and identifying relationships. They learn to relate current events to historic events, cultures, and institutions. The teacher maintains conditions in which this type of learning can occur, guides students in their research, moderates their discussions, and motivates them.

A competitive salary will be offered to the right candidate. The school is located in Long Island City, New York. Responses must include an informative introductory letter and resume, and should be directed to