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iLEAD Job Opportunity

Are you a why-sayer?

As we once heard IKEA say, we are hiring the why-sayers. People who want to make things better, make things more fun, more clever. People who aren’t afraid of the boss. People who aren’t restricted by convention, but challenged by it. These people will fit perfectly at iLEAD, because it is the “why” that makes us successful.

Is iLEAD a fit for you?

Here is what we value…

We are a people of purpose, establishing a new paradigm for education. We are a caring culture that values community that contributes to a better society.

Our focus on developing empathy allows for respect and invites an engaging, positive, rich environment. We believe people are natural-born learners. We provide opportunities for discovery and wonder to nurture a lifelong love of learning.

Success is demonstrated through leadership, self-direction, problem-solving skills, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and service. We embrace stepping out of our comfort zone. And… we value joy, fun, choice, and voice, and we celebrate that our differences contribute to our common humanity.

Why join us?

iLEAD is a growing educational management services organization with school locations in California’s Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys, with more on the way. It is a proven leader in project-based learning.

Our educators successfully implement this approach that is all about achieving deeper learning through authentic experiences. We foster a fun and collaborative environment that’s all about innovation.

We are a work-hard, play-hard startup network of schools that is making a difference in education. What more could you ask for? Hey, you even get a great head shot.

As a member of our Team, you will:

  • Step out of the traditional teacher role and into that of a facilitator
  • Deliver deeper learning experiences
  • Assist our organization in creating a learner-centered curriculum
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the planning and implementation of meaningful projects that engage students as they become active learners as opposed to passive participants memorizing facts
  • Work as a team to create a culture that shifts from a top-down model to a multi-point model, where leaders emerge throughout the class, school, and environment
  • Learn to implement the Common Core and a deeper learning model
  • Facilitate the development of an authentic assessment system that is relevant and meaningful to the learners
  • Guide learners to master content, rather than specific skills through dynamic projects

A note about our hiring process:

We take applications year-round and are always looking for why-sayers with a flexible mindset that would be a great addition to our team. Even if you have a credential, some of the non-credentialed positions are a great way to get your foot in the door. Many current teachers have become full-time taking this route. During the months before the school year starts, we are looking more actively than others. However, it’s always a good time to submit your resume; just please follow up throughout the year.

E-mail your resume and cover letter (online only) with the position you are interested in and your name as the subject line to:

iLEAD Education