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LEAPNOW: International Trip Leader, India (Job Opportunity)


LEAPNOW’s organizational mission is focused on the emerging shift in global consciousness: we aim to help students recognize the limitations of the current power structure and begin to realize the world’s fundamental unity and interdependent wholeness. We are one of the few education and travel organizations that equally emphasize the importance of the inner and outer journeys. This reflects our intention to run programs that are truly transformative for the participant – thus staying on the cutting edge of human evolution. The diverse experiences of travel, work and study in a “foreign” region and culture create an opening for a shift of consciousness to occur. Conscious and well-trained leader teams help this opening to blossom through a consistent “raising of the eyes” of our students.

Trip Leader Responsibilities/Job Description:

We are looking for qualified Trip Leaders for our LEAPYEAR India program. The LEAPYEAR program is a transformative year of college, offering 17-24 year olds a powerful transition into independence and empowered adulthood. Trip Leaders guide students through the 3-month first semester in northern India. We hire leader teams consisting of one male and one female. We are specifically looking for female leaders for this coming fall.
Leader Responsibilities for all programs:

  • Maintain the safety and well-being of a group of up to 11 young adults ages 17 -24 while traveling abroad.
  • Create a fun & nurturing educational environment
  • Promote individual learning of students
  • Coordinate and direct logistics of your semester
  • Maintain relationships with sponsors abroad
  • Manage a spending plan while traveling
  • Enforce program rules and expectations
  • Facilitate cohesive group dynamics and build community
  • Solve problems creatively in response to constantly changing situations
  • Maintain communication with headquarters in California

We are looking for people with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum age of 25 (Not negotiable)
  • Experience leading groups
  • Experience coaching youth through personal and/or spiritual crisis
  • Work, study or travel experience in India
  • A basic knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Ongoing demonstrable commitment to personal evolution
  • Certificates in adult CPR and Wilderness First Aid prior to training

Our Leader positions pay all (non-personal) trip expenses and medical insurance for the duration of the program and start at $3500 per three-month semester. LEAPYEAR leader positions require a high degree of experience and maturity. We also pay a travel stipend to our leaders to get to/from our California-based retreat center in August of each year for our comprehensive and intensive 10-day leader training.

If you are interested in being considered for a Trip Leader opening, please visit our website to learn more: There you can download the PDF application and submission instructions.  We hire on a rolling-basis, positions are usually filled by July 30. Please note that we do require an in-person interview on our California-based campus, and we are generally unable to hire non-US citizens.
James Quinlan,
LEAPNOW: Transforming Education
11640 Hwy 128, Calistoga, CA 94515