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Science Teacher Needed at Longview School in NY (Job)

Who We Are

Longview School is like no other. We combine aspects of the Sudbury/Free School model with more traditional academic education.

We have 2 educational tracks: the Sudbury track and the Academic track. Each family–parents and kids together–chooses which track is right for the child. On the Academic track, students take classes in the traditional academic areas such as English, math, science and social studies, and in addition take elective courses. On the Sudbury track, students are able to choose how to fill their time at school. They can take as many or as few of these classes as they choose, or help to create classes in areas of their special interests. Although many classes cover fairly traditional content, there is a constant focus on hands-on learning and making the material relevant to students’ lives.

Regardless of their track, all students participate in the other aspects of a Sudbury education, which include participation in:

  • a truly democratic school (run by School Meeting in which every student and each staff member get one vote);
  • a student-run judicial system to resolve conflicts between all community members;
  • a system of clerkship jobs in which students share in the real-world work of running and maintaining a school;
  • a student-run chore system in which students take responsibility for keeping the school neat each day.

To learn more about the school, check out our website at 

What We Need

We are looking for a science teacher who is excited by our innovative model and who is nearly bursting with passion for democratic education. The ideal candidate will have experience designing curriculum for middle school and high school science classes in biology, chemistry, physics and/or earth science. If the candidate does not have this experience, s/he will need to have the resourcefulness to design curriculum with limited supervision, and so in that case, real-life science experience would be essential. Skill working with tools in order to design projects is a plus.

The right person might be:

  • a person working in the sciences who would love to apply her/his skills teaching;
  • a teacher who is tired of working in a restrictive environment with too many students to give each and every student what s/he needs;
  • someone who is new to teaching and can't imagine working in a traditional school;
  • a parent who is unwilling to send her/his child(ren) to public school, wants to be a part of their education, and is capable of taking over an elementary school classroom;
  • someone retired from teaching who can't stay away from education but won't stand for any other place than a school in which the kids are empowered;
  • someone who is uniquely qualified for reasons we haven't yet considered.

Administrative skills or a willingness to learn them is a plus.

What We’re Offering

We are a small, private school with a small budget. Please read this carefully before applying for the position.

We are offering a salary ranging from $20,000 – $25,000 based upon experience. If you have a child/children who you would like to enroll in the school, waived tuition and less salary would be a possibility. If you are uninsured, then the school would provide individual health insurance.

If the right candidate does not live in our area (Westchester/Putnam County of New York, about 1 hour north of NYC), housing might be provided as part of the compensation (though possibly with some reduced salary).

How to Apply

Send your letter of interest and resume by email to or by mail to Longview School, 83 Main Street, Brewster, NY 10509.