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Little River Community School is accepting applications for a Youngers teacher and a teacher aide, for the 2017/2018 school year.

Little River Community School, founded in 1999, is a K-12 democratic school with forty-two students (31 full-time, 11 part-time), located on Birdsfoot Farm in Canton, New York. We are seeking a full-time teacher to work with us in our Youngers program, and additionally, we will hire an aide to work with that group. We currently have fifteen students (twelve on an average day) in the Youngers program in grades K-2 working with a teacher and an aide. With enough enrollment, we would consider splitting the Youngers group in two, and hire a second teacher instead of an aide.

We are looking for a teacher with at least several years of experience working with children, with an interest in democratic education. In addition to teaching basic academic and social skills to the Youngers, teachers may be asked to share special interests like art, music, other languages, or computer science with older students. It is important to be comfortable with all ages, K-12, though this position is primarily working with the Youngers. Teacher certification is not required.

Little River provides a unique environment where students are trusted and seen as inherently self-motivated to learn about their world. Our teachers facilitate and support the student's quest for knowledge and understanding. Little River has multi-age classrooms where students learn together in cooperation and are grouped by their ability and interests. Little River provides strong academic classes in a small group setting. Some academic and special classes may have all the Youngers, and others only three or four. The teachers need to generate excitement and interest on the students’ terms. Special emphasis is put on problem-solving skills and hands-on experiences. All of the students and teachers come together several times a week in a morning meeting, facilitated by the students, for discussion, to make plans, and solve problems. Youngers are given ample opportunity for unstructured play and to choose their own activities. Each student has an individualized curriculum developed by the student, teachers, and parents. Visit us on the web at for more information and an application. Deadline for applications is March 13.