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Internship Opportunity

From Heathcote Community:

This summer we are offering a special Permaculture, Ecovillage, and Arts Community Education (PEACE) program. This features internships in farming and carpentry plus a variety of educational workshops! Below is a flyer with a brief summary of the program. 
This program is designed for those who are interested in a focused month of work experience and learning about permaculture, ecovillages, community living and personal growth.  Workshops with experts are offered in the following subjects: Ecovillage Education, Permaculture Design, Community Skills, Wilderness Awareness and Survival Skills, Consensus and Facilitation, Empathy in Action, Social Justice, Breathwork, Conflict as a Doorway to Intimacy, Interplay, Enneagram, Meditation, Yoga, and more. 

Note:  Internships are also available year-round but do not include the workshops. 

Individuals with further questions can find more details at our web page – PEACE Program at, connect with us through the Heathcote Community Facebook page, or email us at