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Job Opportunity

City Neighbors Charter School

Principal Job Posting

March, 2014

City Neighbors Charter School, a progressive urban school serving a diverse community in Northeast Baltimore, is seeking a new school leader. A strong school, recently renewed for a full five year term, we are known for our strong faculty, loving community, and the work of our students.

At City Neighbors, we have taken a stand for schooling rooted in the vision of the child as powerful, creative, capable, and deserving of the deepest respect. We have taken a stand for the prevalence of student voices over teacher voices, for the arts as a central component to all teaching and learning, for deep project studies rather than survey courses, for ensuring that standardized testing does not drive teaching and learning, for involving parents and teachers as co-creators of their school, for the importance of carefully designed and beautifully created physical spaces for children, and the importance of play, fun, imagination, and creation in learning for all children.

Take a look at a short video of our three schools

A Description of City Neighbors Charter School

City Neighbors Charter School is a K-8 school serving 216 students located in the Northeast section of Baltimore City. The school opened in 2005 and is part of the City Neighbors Network of schools which includes City Neighbors Hamilton, K – 8 (est. 2009), and City Neighbors High School (est. 2010).

The Application Process

All questions or requests for more information should be directed to the City Neighbors Executive Director, Bobbi Macdonald (

To apply please submit resume and cover letter via an e-mail attachment to or it can be sent direct mail to:

Principal Search

City Neighbors Charter School

4301 Raspe Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21206

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Internship Opportunity

The Highland School in West Virginia has an Intern Position opening for the 2014-15 (September 2, 2014-May 20, 2015).  For more details, please contact the school at or 304-869-3250.

Position Description: Interns participate as members of The Highland School’s democratic community.  Interns must support the school’s democratic process and be capable of functioning in our democratic community.  They must be respectful of students’ activities and function as resources as needed.  Interns act as responsible members of the school community on a consistent basis.  The ability and willingness to reach out to staff and students has been a vital part of an intern’s success at our school, as well as helping to understand how and why we function.

Location: The school is in a very rural location.  The intern position is a 24/7 intensive experience living in a dormitory with other school members.  Shopping options or entertainment places are beyond walking distance.  We recommend that interns have their own transportation for time off.

Qualifications: Interns need to be interested in learning about democratic education. They must be willing to ask questions and reflect on their experiences. Interns also need to make changes based on feedback and reflection. Participation in weekly general school meetings and staff meetings is required. 

Interns should enjoy working with children. An outgoing, open-minded person with a variety of interests is preferred. Respecting and valuing each student’s unique interests and being willing to learn along with students is critical.  A cleared background check including no offenses against children must be supplied prior to the first day of employment.  Must have driver's license and clean driving record.  

Conditions of Employment: Interns are hired and fired at the pleasure of the General School Meeting. Interns must abide by the Constitution and school rules.  Unless there is an emergency (sickness or death in the immediate family), all personal leave must be prearranged with the General School Meeting.  Room and board ($250 per month) are provided in the school dormitory.  The Highland School does not provide health insurance for interns.

 No H1B1 work visas available for staff or intern positions.

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Art Teacher with complete freedom to teach Sands School

Sands is an small 'alternative' secondary school (10 to 17) where Art is highly valued. It is located in beautiful buildings and grounds in Ashburton, on the southern  edge of the Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom. You will be teaching six classes of up to thirteen students in an environment that is often likened to an Art School in miniature. 

The post is full-time and permanent.Sands School

Sands School, Devon – Art Teacher, Full-time, Permanent

The School

Sands is a democratic community in which staff and students (currently 69 on role) run the school as equal participants. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and their environment. It is located in beautiful buildings and grounds in Ashburton, on the southern edge of Dartmoor. The age range is from 10 to 17.

Art at Sands

Art has a special place at Sands as it is a subject where our students often first experience their new-found control over their own education and their freedom to express and discover themselves. The Art Room is a space where they start to gain the confidence to experiment and take risks.

Art has its own building on two floors with a wide range of media. Currently, the ground floor is largely dedicated to 3D work, with specialist areas for clay, plaster, mixed media and welding. Upstairs is the main teaching space and painting and drawing area with a good art library and individual work spaces for final year students.

What our students say they like about doing Art at Sands:

  • Doing practical things as well as drawing and painting
  • Being able to design their own projects and experiment
  • Having the Art room open at all times with a communal atmosphere
  • Being pushed and having high expectations
  • Getting praise and one-to-one help

The role – to start in September 2014

This post delivers Art across all of the year groups. The numbers taking Art in each year group varies, with larger groups (up to 13 students) in the younger years and fewer (but more focused) students in the older years more directed towards a qualification in Art.

Sands currently offers the AQA GCSE in Art and Design with most students following the broad course, but a small number opting for the Photography specialism.  Experience of running this course, or something similar, is therefore desirable.  However, it must be stressed that the GCSE curriculum is covered within a much  more holistic and student-led approach to the subject. 

The Art area is often likened to an art school in miniature and teaching art at Sands has something of the range and depth of teaching a foundation degree course. The teacher also needs to be comfortable with a very student-centred way of working.

Good drawing skills are essential. The range of skills required is wide but there is opportunity to expand skills in-post and the school is open to changes and further developments in Art. A good knowledge of (or at least enthusiasm for) Art History is also essential and the art area has its own extensive art library.

Sands is not driven by testing and assessment: teachers are trusted and expected to understand the learning needs of every one of their students without the 'aid' of performance charts. However, all teachers are expected to provide termly written feedback to their students and to parents as well as to properly administrate the coursework needed for external exams.

What our students say they are looking for in their Art teacher:

  • Inspired and inspirational – someone to look up to
  • New, fresh ideas – open to trying new things
  • Knowledgeable, but not an art snob
  • Someone who likes and is able to do lots of different styles of art
  • Someone who likes children and who can relate without patronising
  • Positive with flair, energetic
  • Committed

To find out more about the post (and how to apply) and about the school and its philosophy please visit our website.

Closing date 24th March 2014

No agencies or CVs please

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Job Opportunity

The Whole Life Learning Center offers a holistic, integrated curriculum for ages 5 and up. We are located in South Austin where we are stewarding two beautiful acres, complete with chickens, a goat, and a mini-donkey named Gertrude!  

We are currently looking to hire one new Mentor for the 2014/2015 school year. We are seeking an inspired, dedicated, and experienced individual to mentor our lower elementary students, ages 7-9, while offering classes in social studies and language arts with them and other mixed age groups (9-11, 11-14). 

One of our teachers is expecting, which means we are also hiring for a long term substitute position in our kindergarten for most of the Fall semester, Sept. – Nov. 2014. 

Whole Life Mentors work with learners in small, mixed-age groups to develop Learning Plans based on their inspirations and academic goals. Mentors support each learner in setting his/her goals, working towards them, fulfilling them, and reflecting on the whole process. Mentors contribute to the reflective process by compiling their learning observations in Seasonal Reviews, which are shared with learners and their parents. 

Whole Life Mentors have a radical respect for the child, recognizing his or her whole being – body, mind, heart, and spirit – and supporting growth in each of these realms. Whole Life Mentors are willing and able to look at their own process, engaging in self-inquiry, speaking and acting with self-awareness, and developing and living their own Learning Plans.  Mentors are expected to develop curriculum, plan projects, and continuously create an enriching environment through collaboration with staff and students.  
Team trainings will take place in August to support Mentors on this path. WLLC hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9:00am – 3:00pm, September through May, with morning check-ins each day at 8:30am and debriefs from 3:30 – 4:00pm on Tuesdays and from 3:30 – 4:30pm on Thursdays, along with three seasonal planning meetings during the year (approx. 3hrs).  

Pre-requisites for hiring include: experience working with emergent readers, experience and/or content area training in language arts and social studies, experience with alternative educational sites, (preferably including team teaching, project based learning, multi-age classrooms, narrative assessments, and positive behavior support). Experience/training for working with special needs students is also preferred. 

Base salary: $16K

There are also opportunities to earn additional income as a Mentor in our other programs, Mother Earth Mondays, Freedom Fridays, and the Teen Mentorship Program. Please let us know if you are interested in applying for any of those positions. 

Being a Whole Life Mentor is more than a job, it is a calling. Are you feeling called? 

If so, please send your letter of interest, your resume, and letter of references to: